BSI E-Book Excerpt

The Portable Parent


The Portable Parent

Portable Parent includes sections on how to make new friends at college, financial information, how to lengthen a term paper, laundry and cooking tips, how to find apartments, and more!

The parents say:

Are you sending your child off to college or his/her first apartment? It’s scary, isn’t it? You know he wants his independence, but you also know there’s a lot he doesn’t understand yet. If he won’t ask you for the parental advice he needs, how’s he going to get it? Having a 17 year old who does not welcome Mom or Dad’s advice, this book is a wonderful personal resource that our child can refer to without having to admit to Mom and Dad that he doesn’t have all the answers!

Barb Christensen, Madison, WI

The students say:

“Why didn’t my mom think to package herself in a book and send along with me?”

Ashley Ashe, Benton, TN
“First of all, I loved the part about car insurance. I don’t have a car yet, but when I will have one, I’ll have no clue how to insure it etc. I think that is the one thing I wish my parents would have taught me: How to sort out financial deals like mortgage, rent, gas and electricity, insurance, etc. Also I wish my mom would have taught me how to make her traditional family recipes.

Bram van Pinxteren, age 20, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (but just moved to Jerusalem, Israel).”