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Hi, I'm Katie Schwartz, CCC-SLP

I am a communication coach with over 30 years of experience helping professionals give excellent high-stakes presentations with clear pronunciation...when it really counts. I have a passion for about helping professionals achieve their goals through better speech and communication.


I hold a master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Vanderbilt University, and I have been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the ASHA Leader, and other media. If you could benefit from the services I am offering, let's connect today!

About my business

Business Speech Improvement offers customized communication coaching in public speaking, American English pronunciation improvement, conversational skills such as making small talk and how to start and end a conversation, and communication skills for leadership development.


Clients can request the entire set of skills, or choose among them. Options include professional listening skills, asking questions with critical thinking, delegating, coaching employees, how to facilitate idea-generating groups with the powerful research-based brain-writing technique and how to translate jargon into everyday language so listeners from other areas of expertise can understand.

Clients report the coaching helps them feel more confident in communicating. They also commented afterwards on:

  • Ms. Schwartz delivers value from first session

  •  The sessions are client centric, offering help for beginning and experienced public speakers who want to polish their presentations, 

  • Extra sessions are available when needed. 

  •  Ms. Schwartz will take the time to try to locate extra resources to solve specific problems in communication the teaching is efficient in minimal time,

  •  Accommodations are made when possible to assist with specific scheduling needs. 

All sessions, regardless of their topic, focus on practical strategies and offer assignments between sessions. These assignments help clients practice techniques and maximize their progress. Assignments are short and focused on specific skills.

While most clients are seen individually, small groups may be formed by an organization for virtual group coaching.

Let's Connect.

I'm always looking to help new clients. 


If you are interested in having me as a guest on podcasts or radio interviews, or being interviewed for print media, please contact me.

1 (919) 200-2022

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