About Us: Business Speech Improvement and

Katie Schwartz, MA, CCC-SLP,

Katie Schwartz, MA, CCC-SLP is the director of Business Speech Improvement in Durham, NC and coaches professionals on improving their communication skills.


Her specialties include

  • training clients in presentation skills,
  • American English pronunciation improvement for bilingual professionals,
  • diction for native English speakers,
  • improving conversational skills (including making small talk).
  • training in communication strategies for leadership development,
  • how to talk slower for speedy speakers, and more.

Ms. Schwartz offers intensive 1- 3 day sessions of speech coaching for individuals and groups. This  fast-paced approach provides more instruction in less time, resulting in quicker improvement. Hourly coaching is also an option.

Ms. Schwartz is passionate about helping professionals improve their verbal skills! She has worked with professionals in many fields.

Awards and Publications

The 2003 Unsung Hero Award of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association was given to Ms. Schwartz.  She is a nationally certified, state licensed speech-language pathologist who specializes in working with professionals.

Ms. Schwartz is also the founder of the international Corporate Speech Pathology Network and twice served as its president.

The author of  four books, Ms. Schwartz believes in sharing her knowledge of communication with others. The books are Talking on the Job:The World of Corporate Speech Pathology, Alternative Career Options for Speech-Language Pathologists, Sound Stories for Adults (with co-authors Claudia Strauss and Cheryl (Gross) Klopp ) and Portable Parent. She has also written eight concise e-books on communication, for those who need knowledge now. (Click the icon on the right to learn more about them.)

In the Press

Articles mentioning Ms. Schwartz have appeared in Forbes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Advance Newsmagazine, and the ASHA Leader.

Ms. Schwartz was mentioned in this blog post from decision-wise:
Meaning: https://www.decision-wise.com/do-you-see-meaning-in-your-job-these-employees-do/

Ms. Schwartz welcomes inquiries from members of the media. Contact her at 919-200-2022 or info@BusinessSpeechImprovement.com .