Accent Modification

(American English Pronunciation)

Did I say that wrong? American English pronunciation improvement for bilingual professionals is sometimes known as accent modification.

Accent Modification

(American English Pronunciation)

Do you have a client presentation, a promotion, a job interview or other big opportunity happening soon? Would accent modification help you be more easily understood?

Does your pronunciation of similar words (such as walk and work) confuse others? Do certain phrases, idiomatic expressions and other concepts puzzle you? You want speech coaching!

Learn how to say commonly mispronounced words  and work terms used in your field that are difficult for others to understand.

A 3-day seminar on American English Pronunciation Improvement for Bilingual Professionals  is offered on request in Durham, NC (USA). This seminar is limited to 1- 4 attendees from a company or professional organization; each person will get a customized program.

This  short, intensive program is ideal for visitors to the USA or to the Raleigh-Durham, NC area (also known as “the Triangle”). It’s also great for others who want intensive speech coaching before business meetings, presentations and starting new jobs!

You will receive:

  • An individual speech assessment
  • A customized program to fit your needs
  • A 2-month follow-up plan to maximize your success

Intensive coaching means faster progress and results, practice under the supervision of the instructor, and more motivation to complete the program without job-related interruptions!

The fee for individual  coaching for the 24 hour program is USD $2997. Group discounts are available.

NEW! Save 15% ($80)  when you buy a 6-hour follow-up package!


Yes, save 15% after this intensive 3-day seminar. This additional package can be used to help you prepare for presentations, interviews or other major events over 1 year’s time.


After completing the 3-days speech coaching program with Mrs. Schwartz, I felt more comfortable about my pronunciation and speaking skills. Her methods of teaching are customized to every person’s needs. I also improved my speaking skills in public speaking, social conversations and business related terms. I recommend Katie Schwartz to anyone who needs to make their pronunciation and speaking skills better.

Jenniffer Ferreira

Counseling Intake Specialist, Reinvestment Partners

“The seminar helped me to speak more professionally. It helps me to know how to talk in public and to people at work.” Lee-Leung