Are you hesitant to have conversations…

Do you have trouble clearly expressing what you want to say?

Confident Conversation Skills

Are you reluctant to have a conversation?

  • When you have a conversation, are your thoughts all over the place?
  • Maybe you are hesitant to speak because you are too focused on saying exactly the right words.
  • Are you worried about the reaction of someoneĀ  with whom you are having a conversation?
  • Is it difficult for you to interpret the body language of your conversational partner?
  • Do you trouble starting, maintaining or ending conversations?
  • Is making small talk with strangers very difficult for you?

These are skills that can be addressed in conversational speech coaching.

Some learners may be classified as INTJ on the Myers Briggs; others just want to improve their conversational skills. Coaching is customized to your specific needs.

Some clients request coaching in specific conversational skills before having a job interview, starting a new job, or before representing clients in a jury trial. Others want this help to feel more comfortable in everyday situations.

You can request conversational coaching with hourly sessions, or in half-day or full-day blocks, depending on your needs.

Evening sessions may be held online in selected cases. In-person Sunday afternoon sessions are available upon appointment only.

The investmentĀ  for individual coaching is $489 for 4 hours, with all sessions to be held within 6 weeks from the starting date. Let’s get talking…click the redĀ  button above!