Develop professional diction: a key to opportunity

Being easily understood could be your key to better opportunities!

Diction Coaching

Be easily understood – the first time you speak!

Diction coaching for native English speakers helps people who want to change speech patterns This can include strong regional accents , stop mumbling, speak more slowly, or other concerns. It includes:

  • An assessment of your pronunciation
  • A plan developed specifically for you

Practical learning materials work on  vocabulary that you indicate is hard for you to say.

Depending on your needs, coaching can include:

  • Interviewing and lecturing strategies
  • techniques for professionals who use microphones
  • giving sermons
  • other special situations

The fee for individual in-person and online coaching is $125/hr. Online coaching is available in some situations. A full-day (8 hour) diction coaching course for an individual is $979.

New: Save 15%

NEW! Save 15% ($80)  when you buy a 6-hour follow-up package after this intensive 1-day seminar (or equivalent in 8 hourly sessions). This package can be used to help you prepare for presentations, interviews or other major events over 1 year’s time.


Katie Schwartz is an excellent speech coach. I worked with her for several months. She was my speech coach as I worked to improve my speech as a TVnews reporter in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She helped me to speak more clearly, improve my diction, and speak more conversationally. I would recommend her to anyone else looking to improve their speech! She’s

Jerry Askin

TV News Reporter , WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9