BSI E-Book Excerpt

Alternative Career Options for Speech-Language Pathologists


Have you had enough of IEPs, insurance paperwork, productivity quotas, high caseloads, or other hot-button topics, and want to know how else you can put your education and experience to use?  Are y ou thinking of retiring and are ready to see what other choices you may have?

How can a speech-language pathologist combine that field with another one? Eighteen speech language pathologists share how they each did this, in interviews which cover their current jobs and how they went from traditional work to new fields. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each fiel and the first steps to take if that field interests you. The book even includes a career self-assessment questionnaire so readers can think about possible fields for themselves!

The career options, except for one, do not require going back to school for extensive additional education, and all involve providing specialized services to either speech-language pathologists or to their clients. Your background is valuable!

Most of the options in this book are suitable for OTs, PTs and special educators.

Many of the jobs could also be done part-time, as a new career for retirees, those who want a second income, or young parents.

“The purpose of this book is to encourage you, the reader, to consider some options and then to explore your own skills. As you read each chapter you will note that the interview formats are identical. This was done so that you could compare two or more answers on a given topic or question. Find out what causes each person to make that “leap of faith” and try something different. What financial and time invetment was required in each case? How does the person feel about his or her current work?”

Note: This is a soft-cover book, not an e-book. Be sure to include your address and a telephone number and/or e-mail in case we need to reach you.