BSI E-Book Excerpt

Small Talk: Connecting with Others


Small Talk

Connecting with Others

” You are sitting in an airplane seat, starting a long ride, and wishing you could think of something to say to your new seatmate. Maybe you are planning to go to a party or convention, and dreading entering a roomful of strangers. You wish you could avoid going, or at least melt into the woodwork as soon as you enter the crowded room of people you do not know.

Small talk helps people feel more comfortable with others. It is based on finding something you have in common with the other person, and using that to establish a connection.”

Learn how to prepare before the event, non-verbal communication that may signal someone’s willingness to talk, which side to place your name-tag, how to start, continue and end a conversation. Discover how to non-verbally show interest, change topics, join an established group that is talking, and more!