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Speak Slower to Communicate Faster


Speak Slower to Communicate Faster

If you are a fast speaker, “What did you say?” and confused looks are common responses to your speech rate. You want to be understood, but when you speak as fast as you prefer, you end up having to say the sentences over.

Why people speak quickly

Some people speak quickly because they believe others will not listen to them when they speak at a normal rate, because they    feel they talk as quickly as they think, or because others around them speak fast.

Other people speak quickly because of specific speech disorders, such as Parkinson’s or other neurological disorders, and a type of fluency impairment known as cluttering. While the techniques addressed below may be tried with people with speech disorders, people with these impairments may also need professional assistance from a certified speech pathologist, such as the author of this e-book.

Average rate of speech

The average speech rate in the mid-Atlantic states is 120 – 140 words per minute. Ît is faster in some places such as New York City, and slower in other locales. What matters is not how many words a speaker can get out, but how many (well-chosen) words are understood by the listener.