BSI E-Book Excerpt

Powerful Public Speaking: You Can Do It!


Powerful Public Speaking

You Can Do It!

Many people get nervous or even terrified at the idea of giving a speech. They imagine the audience staring at them, waiting for them to make a mistake. In fact, the audience is usually on the side of the speaker. The audience wants an interesting, successful presentation. After all, who wants to sit through a dull speech?

Instead of thinking of yourself as an orator, visualize yourself sharing something you know that your audience does not. (After all, that’s why you are talking to them, right?)

Discover what questions to ask before you write your presentation, techniques for stage fright,  8 ways to start the presentation powerfully, the single question your audience most wants you to answer about any topic,  why the first 30 seconds are crucial, how to transition between topics, strategies to end memorably, ways to answer difficult questions, plus more!