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Work on your professional communication skills with one of these ebooks from world renowned corporate speech and pathology expert and author, Katie Schwartz CCC-SLP

  • How long will it take for me to improve my public speaking?
    The number of sessions needed depends on your initial skill level and desired level of proficiency; most clients need 4-8 sessions. Beginning speakers may need 6-8 sessions, while experienced speakers who want to enhance their skills may need only 2-4 sessions.
  • I'm nervous about giving a presentation at work. Can I learn to become more confident?
    Confidence depends, in part, on knowing your subject and presentation very well, having skills in writing and powerful delivery techniques, and having had lots of feedback on how you are doing when you are not stressed. We can share the techniques and give you the feedback on how you are doing. Many of our clients report increased self-confidence after coaching, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • What sorts of skills can I learn regarding leardership communication?
    With our executive leadership communication coatching, you will learn what executive presence involves, and discover communication techniques in: 1) professional listening and asking questions involving critical thinking 2) delegating and coaching 3) meeting management, including facilitating meetings using a powerful research-based technique called brain-writing for idea—generation and innovation 4) communication topics specific to your organization or career development needs, and requested in advance This is a 3-hour course, and can be offered for an individual or for a group.
  • Can I take just one or two modules of your course in Communication for Leaders?
    Of course! Our coaching is customized. You choose what you want to learn.
  • What is the goal of your pronunciation coaching?
    The goal is clear communication of your ideas. You will retain your native accent, or "lilt" in your voice.
  • If I have been speaking English as a second language for a long time, am older or have a strong regional American English accent, can I still improve the way I speak?"
    YES! The most important factors are whether you are motivated to improve and are willing to practice new patterns of pronunciation.
  • I am looking to improve my pronunciation - what will this entail?
    Pronunciation improvement may be combined with coaching in public speaking. It can also be combined with more advanced skills in grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, on request. The number of hours a given individual will need to be more easily understood in conversation will depend on his or skills in the beginning; most learners will need 4 - 12 hours of coaching on average.
  • I am a prospective corporate SLP. What does your mentoring entail?
    Mentoring is done by email for 3 months; you provide the questions and I provide or guide you to the answers, if available. Only one person per reasonable marketing area is accepted at a time, to avoid conflict of interest.
  • When can I expect to improve my conversational skills after coaching?
    Most clients will need 2-4 hours of coaching to learn about conversational skills and "American-style" small talk.
  • How do I locate your book Sound Stories for Adults?
    It is available at It is not available at this time in an online edition or a spoken version.
  • What are your cancellation and reschedule policies?
    CANCELLATION To cancel, please contact us at least 72 hours in advance of your appointment timeframe. Requests to cancel must be sent in writing, via email. Cancellations made 72 or more hours prior to an appointment timeframe will receive a full refund. RESCHEDULING If you need to reschedule an appointment, please contact me and I will issue you a coupon code to reschedule your appointment. SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT GROUP SESSIONS Those who are participating in group sessions will need to form their own groups. There are not makeup sessions for those who miss a scheduled group coaching session.
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