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Work with me to develop your skills

Professional virtual coaching is available in a variety of topics related to improving communication and speech language pathology. Coaching is available to individuals or groups in one hour increments. 


My name is Alexa Young

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Public Speaking Skills for Anyone

Learn the skills to write and deliver powerful presentations. Clients can request coaching in extemporaneous speaking, or speaking without preparation, “at the drop of a hat." Past clients report increased self-confidence in public speaking after this coaching.

Conversational Skills and "American-style" small talk

Learn or improve your skills in making American-style “small talk.” Improve your skills in starting and joining conversations, maintaining and graciously ending conversations, and learning to speak concisely. These skills are important for business, as well as for getting to know new neighbors and friends.

Scholarship Procurement Coaching

This coaching involves an assessment of a client’s pronunciation with the goal of clear communication. Clients will still have the “lilt” or intonation of their native language. Coaching is practical, involving practicing words a given client may use in sentences, reading and conversation.

Pronunciation Improvement for Professionals

Are you self-conscious about your American English pronunciation, and worry that you are saying certain words wrong? Learn how to pronounce many common words clearly. Our goal is to help you clearly communicate your ideas while retaining your native accent.

Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership requires excellent communication! Learn more about running more efficient and effective meetings (including for innovation), professional listening skills, asking questions involving critical thinking, delegating, saying "no" nicely, and more.

Mentoring Services for Prospective Corporate SLPs 

This service is offered for prospective or new corporate speech-language pathologists. You must be licensed as a fully-qualified (master's level or PhD-level) speech-language pathologist in your state, if in the USA, or licensed/certified in your country (if this is offered in your country).

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