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Helping Take Your Communication 

Skills to the Next Level

Online 1:1 speech coaching and communication resources that are tailor-made for leadership and  bilingual professionals

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Pronunciation Improvement

Ever worry that you are saying certain words wrong?


Learn how to pronounce  words in American English that are hard for you to say.

Public Speaking and other speaking skills

Would you like to be a more confident public speaker?


Find out how to deliver a memorable and impactful presentation!

Improve your sales communication skills.

Practice job interviewing.

Learn how and when to  speak succinctly.

Connecting with Others

Discover  how to make small talk with strangers or professionals and start, extend, and graciously end a conversation.


“After working with Katie my speaking ability improved a lot. Now, I feel more confident and comfortable about my American English accent both in public conversation and in academic presentations.
Thanks again for teaching me!”

TSH Zahid
Scientist II


Passionately helping you to succeed

Do you want to communicate more effectively?

Great speech makes business (and career) sense!

Business Speech Improvement offers coaching in public speaking, pronunciation improvement for talented bilingual professionals, conversational skills (and American-style small talk), communication skills for leadership, and more!

Clients report the coaching is practical, customized to their specific needs, and that it helps them feel more confident in their communication skills.

Public Speaker

Unleash the power of better speech

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