Do you have the communication skills you need to do a great job? Do your employees communicate effectively?

 Effective communication is your key to success in the workplace

BSI provides intensive coaching and targeted publications designed to help you learn to master the tools of highly effective business communication.

Powerful Public Speaking

Effective Executive Communication

Dazzle With Your Diction

Confident Coversation Skills

Accent Modification
(American English Pronunciation Improvement)

Diction Coaching


What is BSI?

Great speech makes business sense!

Founded by business communication guru Katie Schwartz in 1991, Business Speech Improvement offers services and opportunities to help professionals with public speaking and presentation skills.

Forbes Magazine
The Wall Street Journal
USA Today
The ASHA Leader - Covering The World og Communication Sciences and Disorders
Articles mentioning Ms. Schwartz have appeared in Forbes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Advance Newsmagazine, and the ASHA Leader.