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Great Communication Makes Great Business Sense

communication skills: improved telephone listening

Improved Telephone Listening

Help! I don’t understand  you because of your accent! Pardon Moi: How to Listen More Effectively to People with Strong Accents


Executive Communication Techniques

Learn communication techniques in 18 vital areas, from listening techniques to questions to use when considering a new project!


Speak Slower to Communicate Faster

Do you feel that you talk too fast? Do others tell you to slow down? Learn 6 steps to slow down on your own.


Small Talk: How to Connect with Others

Do you dread small talk? Do you feel you’ll be boring, awkward, or that you’ll run out of things to say. Learn the “unspoken rules” of making small talk in the USA!


Diction Makes a Difference

One of the biggest communication frustrations is the inablility to understand what a person is saying. This e-book on proper diction contains practical exercises to help you speak more clearly.


Powerful Public Speaking: You Can Do It!

To excel at public speaking you need to conquer the jitters, and learn to be confident in yourself and in your subject while you are on stage.


What Did You Say?

Do you have an employee, family member, colleague or friend who has a hearing loss? You have plenty of company!

In the USA, 10% of the workforce has a hearing loss. By the age of 65, one-third of the population has a significant loss.


Alternate Careers for Speech Language Pathologists (soft-cover book*)

Eighteen speech-language pathologists/teams talk about how each combined speech-language skills with those of an entirely different field.

(*$7 shipping charge applies in USA
*$10 outside the USA)


Sales and Customer Service Techniques - 77 Easy Tips

Are you a sales or customer service professional, a recruiter, a professional in private practice, or someone else who wants to upgrade your communication skills? Here are 77 practical communication strategies that are easy to implement.