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3 Tips on Finding College Scholarships

If you are in college or graduate school, or planning to go, unless you are very wealthy, you have 2 choices. You can either take out a lot of loans and spend decades paying them and the interest off, or you can put the time in now to apply for college scholarships.

Think broadly.

The biggest mistake people make when searching for scholarships is to think too narrowly. They search for scholarships by their major, such as business, and not by anything else. They should also be searching by many other categories, such as by their state, age, gender, and ethnicity. In fact, there are at least 8 broad categories they should consider.

Understand timing.

Most scholarship applications are open only for 6-8 weeks. Some fall applications will close at the end of October or the beginning of November. For the broadest range of application options, search now and list on a calendar when a variety of scholarship applications that you qualify for will be open.

Keep applying.

Apply for a variety of scholarships, and don't wait until you hear back from one before applying to the next one. Apply for scholarships of at least $1000 to maximize the use of your time. Read each sponsor's web page carefully to understand the requirements and what should be emphasized in the essay. Many application essays can be modified to fit a variety of application questions, saving you more time.

So how do you quickly find so many private scholarships for undergraduate and graduate school, as well as trade/vocational school? Schedule a scholarship coaching session with me, or find my ebook to learn more.


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