Great speech makes business sense!

Is there an employee who urgently wants to improve his pronunciation, speech rate, or nonverbal skills? 

Is there a manager who needs to communicate more clearly as a leader or to improve his/her presentation skills?

Perhaps your own speaking skills need enhancement?

NEW!    Do you want to hear a recording of a speech coach from Business Speech Improvement giving your next prepared speech, so you can listen to pronunciation, pausing and vocal intonation skills? There is a 72 hour turn-around for this service.
Contact us with the length of your presentation, and your state (or country, if outside the USA); prices are based on the time required.

The skilled staff at Business Speech Improvement can give you or your employees the competitive edge.

We help make great first impressions - guidance for an important client meeting or job interview.

Clients receive:

   • an assessment of existing challenges
   • customized training, designed for you
   • materials 
   • a follow-up plan

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