“The seminar helped me to speak more professionally. It helps me know how to talk in public and to people at work.”

We provide intensive coaching in a variety of business communication skills

Founded in 1991, by Katie Schwartz, Business Speech Improvement offers services and opportunities to help aid professionals with public speaking and presentation skills.

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  • Improved Telephone Listening
  • Executive Communication Techniques
  • Alternate Careers for Speech Language Pathologists
  • How To Speak Slower in Six Steps
  • Public Speaking: You Can Do It
  • Small Talk: Connecting With Others
  • The Portable Parent



You're not seen as a leader if you can't present your ideas

“I found this course to be helpful. Katie is very experienced and knowledgeable. I learned not only my deficiencies in making a speech in front of non-experts (of my topic) but also how to solve the problems. I found it most useful to have opportunities to practice making a speech and to be corrected. The follow-up plan is excellent. It allows us to continue improvement of our speech ability even after the course. I highly recommend Business Speech Improvement to anybody who wishes to improve their speech capability.”  

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Katie Schwartz is an excellent speech coach. I worked with her for several months. She was my speech coach as I worked to improve my speech as a TV news reporter in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
She helped me to speak more clearly, improve my diction, and speak more conversationally. I would recommend her to anyone else looking to improve their speech! She's GREAT!