Communication in the Business world
Your employee urgently needs to improve his speech. His pronunciation, speech rate,  presentation skills, ability to communicate like a leader, or non-verbal skills are a problem. He needs help, soon.

Welcome to Business Speech Improvement!

Here your employee (or you) will receive:
customized training, designed specifically for your needs
• with a follow-up plan included

You can use your new skills the day you return to work!

Capabilities Statement

Speech training is available three ways
1. in-person, through premium individual intensive 1- 3 day seminars designed specifically to meet your needs;  held in Durham, NC. Intensive individual  full-day "weekend wonder" coaching is available on select weekends on request.
The intensive coaching includes follow-up!

2. hourly coaching for those in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area

3. on-line coaching, available in select cases (based on type of speech concern and your location)

Which way do you prefer? Contact us with your request!

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