Communication in the Business world
You want intensive coaching so you can communicate more effectively, as soon as possible.
You want a program that is customized to your specific needs.
You want to work with Business Speech Improvement!

You get training  in our seminars :
• in the shortest amount of time possible , with an online option in some cases
• customized to
your specific needs,
• with a follow-up plan included

You can use your new skills the day you return to work!

Capabilities Statement

Does your pronunciation, rate of speech, accent, grammar or presentation skills  cause you to worry about your career development and future promotions?  Are you making the same mistakes repeatedly - but you don't know how to do better?

Speech training is available three ways
1. in-person, through individual intensive 1- 3 day seminars designed specifically to meet your needs or hourly coaching for those in the local community who prefer it;  held in Durham, NC. Intensive individual full-day "weekend wonder" coaching is available on select weekends on request.

2. open-enrollment small group seminars, scheduled periodically (Ask us to schedule one on your favorite topic!)

 Our  seminar in Speech Rate Reduction is now enrolling learners!
Enrollment ends October 15th for the Speech Rate Reduction Seminar for Speedy Speakers. Are you (or your employee) talking too fast to be easily understood; enroll today!

3. on-line coaching, available in select cases (based on type of speech concern and your location)

Many corporations will pay for this as part of professional development; ask your company about it!

Which way works best for you? Contact us with your request!

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