Communication in the Business world
Your employee urgently needs to improve his speech. His pronunciation, speech rate,  presentation skills, ability to communicate like a leader, or non-verbal skills are a problem. He needs help, soon.

Maybe you are looking for help with your own speech. You may have an upcoming client meeting, job interview, or other important presentation to make. You know your first impression must be your best impression, and you want to make an improvement with how you sound.

Welcome to Business Speech Improvement!

Here your employee (or you) will receive:

* an assessment of each person's communication issue
* customized training, designed specifically for the person's individual needs
* materials, for those getting full-day intensive coaching
•  a follow-up plan

You can use your new skills the day you return to work!

Capabilities Statement

Speech training is available four ways
1. in-person, through premium individual intensive 1- 3 day seminars designed specifically to meet your needs;  held in Durham, NC (USA). Intensive individual  full-day "weekend wonder" coaching is available on select weekends on request.

2. in-person, through a small group intensive 3-day session on American English Pronunciation Improvement for Non-native Professionals, to be held March 30th through April 1, 2015.
Note: Enroll by January 30, 2015 for the "early bird" lower rate! Enrollment ends February 20, 2015.

3. hourly in-person coaching for those in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (USA) area

4. on-line coaching, available in select cases (based on type of speech concern and your location)

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